Reap the Future

We are a completely faith based in our initiatives and missions relying on the benevolence and generosity of those who identify with the Sound of the Prophetic. All the lives we have touched and changed owe no small amount of gratitude to those who enable us to take the Sound of Light into the world!.

Sow into your own future by sowing into a ministry that represents the future. When you sow into a prophet’s ministry, you are uniting with the prophet’s mission to prophesy, proclaim, declare and bring liberty to those who sit in darkness and those who hunger for the prophetic expression. Everywhere God sends me, you go too and receive a portion of a prophet’s reward! 

You might not be called to physically travel to the soil that God instructs me to set my boots on – but  you are there too in spirit because you enable this prophet to reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable! You become a vital component of my mandate to the nations. I want you to realise that your sowing enables us to go Pierce the darkness with the Sound of Light. 

When you sow to the future, you are weaponising your financing and striking the enemy!

You are there, as we deliver interpretations to dreams from Bollywood to Hollywood; as we prophesy to presidents, princes and kings alike; as we declare the miraculous, supernatural, sovereign interventions of the Most High God.