In 1839, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, coined the adage, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” I fully agree. But in this case – my pen is my sword! The Oculus is my public journal so to speak, where I share thoughts from my private journal of the same title.

oculus |ˈɒkjʊləs|
noun (pl.oculi |-lʌɪ, -liː| ) Architecture
a round or eye-like opening or design, in particular:
• a circular window.

People generally have this weird idea that prophets walk around with their heads in the clouds hearing invisible voices all the time! Not true! Well certainly not in my case anyway.

The reality is that God allows the Veil between worlds to be draw back by His own Hand and I get to peer beyond it by His invitation. I call that an Ocular Moment. It is never something I initiate. Frankly, I find those who claim to do so at will, are frequently operating out of the realm of imagination rather than glimpses beyond the veil through invitation.

Prophet is not about carrying a title or being overly spooky-spiritual. Prophet is a functionality. It is remarkable that right now there is still little comprehension of the distinction between a functional prophet and one who exercises the gift of prophecy but goes around brandishing the title. It doesn’t matter to me what anyone calls me! Functionality must always supersede a need for recognition!

The Oculus then, is a journal of things that the Spirit of the Living God allows me to tune into and contemplate in my quest to seek God. Some things I dare not share! But what I do share is because I have been given permission to do so.

I was taught that the Prophet is not the pointed-finger of condemnation, but the extended-hand of hope! Although my writings might seem aggressive, provocative and even controversial – they are always based in hope and love for the Church.

My writings are bound to offend some. This is not intentional. But at the same time it is intended to ignite and inspire others.

If you are the latter then you are part of a Remnant Generation. A generation still questing for Truth & Light and have not bowed their knee nor mind to the hype and overly creative narrative designed to enslave a generation to popular charisma that passes off as christianity today.

Welcome to The Oculus.