Exposing the Matrix

There exists a spiritual narrative that is a construct in the image of man that is nothing more than a system of control. It controls the Church. It guides it. Shapes it. Even rewards it. But it is evil. And the sheep are blind to it!

Those statements might shock you. It might even frighten you. I hope it does both.

The Matrix (1999)

When I discussed this concept with my spiritual father – Kim Clement – years ago (when the movie The Matrix first released) we realised that the greatest power of the prophetic was: Perception. Without the ability to see (perceive) the truth, people would fall for any lie!

What Does a False Narrative Accomplish?

In a single word: enslavement

enslavement |ɛnˈsleɪvm(ə)nt|
noun [ mass noun ]
the action of making someone a slave; subjugation, disenfranchisement, suppression, tyranny, subjection, oppression, domination, exploitation

But enslavement to what? A system. In this case a system of modern christianity designed to make gods of men and bring the church into a state of deception.

Perception is kryptonite to the Age of Deception.

Where are the Watchmen on the Walls?

But where are those who perceive? Where are the prophets? Where are the discerning intercessors? Israel had a history of killing her prophets! The modern Church is doing the same thing. It disturbs me and burdens me simultaneously. As the Spirit of the Lord began to open my eye and give me perceptions beyond the false narrative I began to realise and understand the sudden rise to prominence of a large number of “pop-prophets!”

The enemy has silently infiltrated the citadel and replaced the watchmen on the walls with those who speak a false word and will not sound the alarm! An apostle in error is always accompanied, even heralded, by a prophet with a flattering tongue.

These are the so called prophets that have gained popularity within church circles and congregations proclaiming a message that sounds good – yet is not God! They flatter with deceiving words, presuming to speak on behalf of the Living God. Yet in reality are promoters of the desired narrative. The content of their message is designed to appeal to and inflate the ego of the hearer. It is all calculated to garner the acceptance of, and subsequent exultation of the voice. It is an age old seduction! It is satanic.

You Can’t Be Free of Something You Don’t Know Exists

I don’t believe it is possible to be free until you realise there is something to be freed from! The ingenuity of the satanic deception facing the church right now is that it is designed to bring the slaves (the sheep) into a false sense of freedom and a psuedo-revival! The sad truth is that most don’t realise that they are being deceived at all!

I can’t really blame the congregation. We depend on our leaders so much to discern the Will of God and the “move of the Spirit” that our trust in the Elect is complete. How great then is the level of accountability of our church leaders before the Throne of the Father?!

Yet in the Book of Acts of the Apostles (probably the greatest record of a Church model of Revival replete with signs and wonders), we learn of the Berean’s who received the unfamiliar, even revolutionary, doctrine and teaching of St. Paul with all eagerness and readiness of mind, yet searched the scriptures continually, to determine whether those things they heard were indeed true to the Word of God!

If the Truth will set you free (and it does) then it stands to reason that error can bring you into bondage and enslave you to the system of control!

And how better than to convince a congregation that they are truly doing the right thing and are in the right moment than for those who control the narrative to spin the deception tale around the facade of revivalism.

Revival (good) is not the same as Revivalism (fake)!

We have become enamoured with big-ticket names spouting popular theology riddled with error! Their catchy, hype-phrases and calm, authoritative charisma have wooed the very elect of the ecclesia under their spell. Some are the authors of best selling books, owners of multi-million dollar labels and leaders of mega churches. Their followers are unhesitant in their acceptance of the narrative and defiant in defence of their idols and literally believe that sitting and listening to the Narrator is as though God were speaking directly through them – “like pearls of great price falling from their lips.

It is time to Expose the Matrix for what it is. A grand deception in the church!

There Is A Remnant

My friends, this is not something that should take us by surprise. The Lord Jesus warned us about this already. St Paul explained it. Peter confirmed it. In the end times (which we are undoubtedly in) there shall arise the false and the counterfeit and lead many astray from the authentic – which we are admonished to steadfastly cling to!

There remains however a Remnant. Those that have not and will not bow their knee nor their minds. They are the the resolute Seekers of Truth!

Just in case any feel that I am communicating in dark speech, let me state the case plainly:

  • Doctrine is being perverted to suit the itchy ears of a generation that lack depth of understanding of the Word of God. One of the easiest recognisable signs of this attack is the adulteration of the logos. Crazy new translations of the Word are being produced that are being endorsed and promoted as more “readable and engaging to a generation”, but in truth is perverting the Word and masquerading as Scripture. If you are exclusively reading The Passion Translation (PTL) – you need to wake up and find yourself a study bible!
  • You can be saved and be in error! I say this in love and humility and do not consider myself immune to the enemy’s devices – but there many prominent, embraced voices right now, even at the forefront of a so-called revival who do genuinely love God and are saved, yet are walking in error – having been blinded and deceived by the god of this age – satan. In their earnest desire and hunger and pursuit of and for the supernatural, the enemy has produced a counterfeit that has been lapped up as the genuine article!
  • The non-scriptural, accompanying, unsubstantiated “signs and wonders” are at best manufactured – perhaps without the ‘revivalists’ knowledge, or at worst a counterfeit produced by the enemy himself!
  • When so-called “revival” is predicated exclusively by signs and wonders that are dubious and result in dividing the Body of Christ – how can that possibly be God? More especially when the function of the 5-fold is to nurture maturity and a unity of faith! It doesn’t take a PhD Divinity to fathom this. Even my grade-school children sense something amiss through observation alone!
  • When personal experience is deemed the only validation necessary to authenticate the ever popular “encountering God” (through signs and wonders) phenomena, and preferred over sound scriptural confirmation and understanding – you become a candidate for the operation of familiar spirits in and even through you.

All of this fits and checks the boxes for the case for Deception in the Church!

The Remnant however are awake! They recognise that there is a need for greater love for the pure Word of God, and a love for Truth that brings a boldness to declare error when confronted with it, and the love and compassion of the Spirit to want to liberate our brothers and sisters from the prison of deception!

Exiting the Matrix

You can’t exit what you don’t know exists right? The first step is to consider that much of the new fangled doctrine of man and exported revival movements is a perversion that will lead the church (yes even the very elect) into error and deception. It is a system of control. It’s real. It’s happening. Is it in your church?

But you can only recognise it if you perceive it! And for that you need to study the Word of God!

Indeed the Truth Shall Set Us Free!

As a Prophet who has had more than a few dramatic spiritual encounters and supernatural interventions, I am not an opponent nor a stumbling block to any ministry, revival or movement of the Spirit of Truth! I yearn for the full expression of the outpouring of the Spirit as prophesied by the Prophet Joel and witnessed by the Apostle Peter. So when I sense something as amiss or “off” – there is a portion of my SQ (spiritual intelligence) that ignites in the realisation that the very presence of the counterfeit confirms the prospect of the authentic no matter how bizarre, non-traditional or unconventional.

My own ministry is highly unorthodox and quite eccentric! So I’m the last person to cast a dubious glance at what might be labelled “strange.” But bizarre must still align with the written word of God. We may claim to “boldly go where no man has gone before” but the road map already exists. It’s called Scripture.

It’s time to expose the false and cling to the Truth and in love – sound the alarm in Zion.

I love the Church. You can’t love Jesus the Lord unless you love what He loves. And I will not remain silent and allow the enemy to rape and defile the Bride. There are precious brothers and sisters – family – that are in peril and we must not sit on the sidelines doing nothing. This war is not against flesh and blood, but against the very powers of darkness that we are called to pierce with Truth and Light!

Stay connected. There’s more to come on this topic. Don’t be fooled. Be Remnant.