The Dark Agenda to Cancel Church

Majority of my readers know that the entire reason I started The Oculus was because I felt inclined to share some of the thoughts of my private journal – conversations with God, questions and musing – with a public audience. My private journal is my most sacred space where God speaks to me. As a prophet – that is where I hear God the most frequently, with the greatest clarity and most audibly. 

Lately, God has been speaking much about the cultural climate and the political landscape. I want to share some of it with you in this entry. Someone is bound to be offended. Someone is bound to take umbrage. I can only ask that you hear with a spiritual ear and unlearn some things, even destroy the veil of limitation  that we all so easily wear at times. 

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.

It’s time for Believers to take a stand against wickedness in the age. It’s now the moment in history to suit up in your spiritual armour, plant your feet on the soil of your nation and declare “thus far and no more!”

What many Christians often fail to understand is the persecution that the Scriptures foretell is not something far off into the distant future – but has already begun! The name by which we know it in its current form is: CANCEL CULTURE.

What is Cancel Culture?

Conventional wisdom would have you believe that cancel culture is non existent and that it is a term coined by conservatives or those on the brunt end of social justice in the form of “naming and shaming” – a term that hides and masks the true intent and malice behind it.

Cancel culture is hardly innocuous. It is scarcely virtuous. Cancel culture is powerful. Damaging. Egregious. Calculated to destroy. And is very real threat & menace to people of faith.

To put this into a context that allows us to define it, let’s take the example of Chris Hodges, senior pastor of the 60, 000 strong mega congregation of the Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama.

Hodges came into the cross-hairs of Cancel Culture when he ‘liked’ a few posts by a fellow evangelical and conservative, pro-Trump supporter  – Charlie Kirk. The posts were deemed to be insensitive and offensive by the liberal media.

Within minutes of screenshots being shared of this outrageous action of Hodges – how dare he like a post that doesn’t sit well with the woke mob? – the residents of Birmingham began mobilising a community campaign albeit a cyber one to “take him down.”

Even though Hodges apologised (which was completely unnecessary in my opinion) to his congregation and even deleted his social media accounts it wasn’t enough to save him from the moral outrage that followed. 

The Birmingham Board of Education which leased out two of their school auditoriums to Church of the Highlands revoked a six-year standing lease. Phase one.

Birmingham’s Housing Authority concurrently terminated a long standing partnership with the church wherein they provided certain social services to the city’s lower income residents. Phase two.

Hodges and by extension Church of the Highlands – just got cancelled!

The Playbook

Understanding the strategy helps me define the current climate of Cancel Culture as: the hostile, systematic discrimination and malicious retribution by social justice warriors against any person or organisation that does not align with the popular ideology. It is by all definitions: PERSECUTION.

And if we the saints of God do not resist this culture in the natural and do not war against it in the heavenly realms, then cancel culture will cancel your church!

Our Judeo-Christian faith is under attack, being persecuted by a vitriolic society.

Unless we take a righteous stand and raise our voices we will find ourselves mowed down by weapons of mass media loaded with the ammunition of hate. Hatred for God and the House of God. Lovers of the themselves, enamoured with their own sense of self-righteous moral virtue. 

Humanism has become the god of the age as men and women worship at the altar of rebellion and the golden calf of self-idolisation.

The Church is the last line of spiritual defence of Judeo-Christian religious freedoms & liberties that are being assaulted by celestial forces of wickedness in the politic & the culture right now – because only we are equipped to do something about the powers of darkness fuelling the attack!

Sadly enough the Ecclesiastical world and church leaders of stature and recognition (for the most part) that we expect to take a firm biblical stand and defend the faith are quite silent. Some even taking the path of tacitly agreeing with the culture of finger pointing at the Church. How shameful!

We The Church

For us to be that Last Line of Defence, God is going to have to shake up the House. Some things have to fall out like dirt crumbs from last nights table cloth. Other things will need to be exposed to the Son-Light. But His fire and winnowing fan will cleanse and clear the House!

For it is time for judgment to begin with God’s household; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?

The Scriptures tell us that both justice and righteousness are the foundation of the Throne of God and that mercy and truth go before His face.

What that means in spiritual terms is that the standard of righteousness based in truth tempers God’s just judgement by mercy.

God cannot judge the world and the sons of disobedience until He judges His Church by an even higher standard as those who know the truth.

There’s no time and place for lukewarm and carnal Christians in the Church that align with worldly philosophies and who even lend their support to any form of persecution against the inerrant Word of God – preferring to side with ‘wokeness’ rather than taking a stand for that which Christ laid down His life: the Eternal Church

God is cleaning house  so that WE THE CHURCH (I just love the sound of that) – can truly be those who turn the world upside down one more time! And for that to happen a spiritual war has to be waged on two fronts. 

It’s said that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled is convincing the world that he doesn’t exist!

That is the illusion and deception that the enemy is weaving in the church – there is no war! It doesn’t exist.  It is classic counter intelligence warfare strategy: Convince your foe that you are in peace time.

Our Adversary is suggesting an enticing seduction that we in the Body of Christ are entering into a time of rest – and who doesn’t like a holiday right? If there’s nothing to fight about then we should lay down your weapons & the armour of war. Heaven forbid that any church or spiritual leader should fall for this lie!

We have to wage war not only against what is assailing us from the world but from a religious spirit within the church too!

Cancel Culture is the spirit of Persecution

It is another form of the witch Jezebel who’s mission it is – is to silence the Prophets and the Prophetic Church! Not only silence & mute but to suppress & eliminate your Judeo-Christian faith and religious freedoms.

MEGA CHURCHES are going to bow to that kind of pressure for fear of getting cancelled.
BIG TICKET NAMES are going to pander to the woke mob so that they stave off the press of political and cultural persecution.

No society, no culture, no country will be immune to it!

Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you.

And God is letting it happen so that the Church can be shaken out one more time and that which remains is what God wants to use!

Blow a Trumpet in Zion

There is an attack by the culture – fuelled by a political agenda at the instigation of spiritually wicked forces – the council of evil – to silence & even extinguish the flame of the Church & Judeo-Christian faith!

The Living Church of Jesus is the last line of defence and unless we understand our function and our duty as warriors in the Kingdom – we will be led as exiles into captivity wondering how in the world it happened! 

In the time of war – there are always Watchmen. Those who are sentries. There are always prophetic voices that cry out from the tower wall that the enemy is mounting as offensive or trying to sneak an attack!

And right now in Zion – the alarm is sounding on the Holy Mountain!  It’s time for a spirit war!

The enemy is not our friends.
The enemy is not our family members. 
The enemy is not people! It never ever is. Remember that.

Love God. Love People. Live by that.
Your adversary is the devil who deceives the whole world!

In the 1960’s, the LBGTQ agenda was already formulated. It’s not new! Abortion was already strategised to be legislated in the 1970’s. The famous Roe v Wade case was the catalyst, the dark knight, that needed to be sacrificed to challenge the prevailing law and enact and enforce a change in the legislation.

And the church wasn’t even in the picture! We were caught sleeping. We had to react.

And if we dont ‘catch a wake-up’ right now, we will have to react again and it will be too late!  The laws of your nation would’ve changed while your church was having a Bring-and-Share-Pot-Luck!

You are going to literally get to church one day and see CANCELLED written across the doors! “EVICTED DUE TO VIOLATION OF COMMUNITY STANDARDS!”

It’s time for the Saints of God and those of the household of faith both for Christians and Jews alike to take a stand and raise a standard now while we still can!

Do not be afraid! Don’t be afraid of the far left, the heathenistic even hedonistic woke-mob, frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog desirous of nothing less than complete surrender of our Christian-Juedo faith.

We shall not bow do their idol of Humanism. We shall not bend our knee even when they prosecute us in their social media kangaroo courts with filthy distortions and hatred for our religious and faiths beliefs.

Now is the time to take a stand together! So be not ashamed nor dismayed of the Gospel of the Lord Christ Jesus. Lend your voice. Raise your voice. Make your voice heard in support for the Defenders of the Faith and the Church of the Living Christ.

Spiritually, we are the only ones equipped by the Spirit of God to deal with forces of darkness that are instigating this wave of modern day persecution toward our Faith!

Paul writes in the sixth chapter of the letter to the church at Ephesus: “Therefore take up the whole armour of God, that you may be able to resist & repel in evil times, and having done all: to TAKE A STAND.

I cannot convey everything in a journal entry so check out this video !

Blessed Assurance

The Lord gave us this amazing blessing when He said,

… but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.

We are Overcomers and more than conquerors through Christ who loved us and because of that we are confident of the future victory! This is our blessed assurance!

As you, and your church, take up the call to arms and go to spiritual war, I want you to remember this one very dynamic truth when you feel that the enemy has you surrounded and outgunned even outmanned: there are more for us than those that are against us! The God of Angel Armies is on our side.

It’s time to cancel out cancel culture in Jesus name!