Setting the Record Straight

For sometime now I have been hearing of prophecies relating to coronavirus and what it might mean spiritually and even prophecies of when it would end. Some of it makes spiritual sense, but much of it seems presumptuous. I felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to speak some clarity into the chaos that the prophetic seems to have found itself in.

I suppose much of the confusion surrounding the prophetic and prophecy stems from a complete misunderstanding about how prophets function and how the gift of prophecy differs in operation.

There is a crazy notion that just because God spoke through prophecy that it was going to happen no matter what. This is a patently foolish posture to adopt. The free will of man will never be overridden by God. At the same time God reigns as Sovereign and may do exactly as He pleases in accordance with His desire and will.

I am a very scripturally oriented Prophet. When I prophesy, there is always going to be basis in the logos. I work with scriptural precedent and a “case for it.” So when I hear prophecies from other prophets, my first port of call is always – is there a scriptural precedent I can match it against and use the dynamics thereof to apply to it.

I suppose the biggest question that has seem to come up is the accuracy of prophecy. Or rather – “Why does prophecy fail?”

You first have to understand and accept that prophecies will fail! This is scriptural and without debate.

Prophets do not predict anything! Prophecy is not about forecasting the weather much less the future! Neither is it about prognosticating an outcome.

Prophecy is about translating a message from the Mind of God to the best ability of the prophet and convey it to a hearer with as much detail and accuracy as permissible.

A prophet usually has a high degree of the gift of the Word of Knowledge working in conjunction with the Spirit of Prophecy Ascension gift as a mantle upon the prophet.

So when a prophet gives a very specific word involving a date, or location or even an event that does not come to pass, I – like most – inevitably wonder why?

When I hear a prophecy with a date associated to it, even though I may not fully understand it – my default attitude is to believe it. If I do receive it then I also have an obligation to pray and wage a war with it. The “well let’s wait and see” attitude has no place in prophetic dynamics!

My default setting is to believe the prophets. Again – it’s scriptural:

Believe the prophets and you will prosper. Seems like good advice from the Lord right?

Let’s assume I do all things right in receiving a prophetic word – but the word does not come to pass? Should we then drag the prophetess out into the local town square and stone her to death?

Well this is the nature of the questions that I would like to address with specific reference as it relates to coronavirus. To write about it in a blog entry would literally result in me having to publish a manuscript! So instead I have compiled and released a short teaching video that covers the following:-

  • Did the Prophets not see coronavirus coming?
  • Is this the end of the world?
  • Will things ever go back to the way they were?
  • Was Covid19 sent by God?
  • Did some Prophets ‘get it wrong’?
  • Is Psalm 91 a blanket insurance cover?
  • Is this what the Bible means by ‘End Times’?

Take a look at the video here:

We also discuss 7 keys to discerning prophets and prophecy!

  1. By their fruit ye shall know them
  2. Is Jesus in it?
  3. Is it congruent with the logos ?
  4. Is it accurate?
  5. Is it always God if it happens?
  6. Does it produce liberty or bondage?
  7. Do I need to have a witness?

One of the main aspects which I believe causes people to falter or stumble (a term that we use less and less as greater maturity comes and conversely tend to use more often when we are spiritually immature) is when prophecy does not come to pass.

I think that it boggles the mind because prophesy is supposed to be God speaking directly through a person to a person, and for the prophecy to be unfulfilled implies that God did not speak or that God doesn’t know the future. Well the latter is ridiculous and not worth addressing.

If there is any fallibility it is always on the part of the vessel or hearer! Can prophets get it wrong? Absolutely! Will prophesy fail? Absolutely! Should that cause you to stumble? NEVER!

What it should prompt you to do is cry out for discerning and the gift of the discernment of spirits.

The scripture is quite clear:

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

Do not quench the Spirit.
Do not despise prophecies.
Test all things; hold fast what is good.

If the early Church had to be admonished to test and also encouraged to embrace the Holy Spirit, and they were able to successfully navigate murky waters – then why would we not find ourselves in similar circumstances today?

Ought we not to be able to hold fast to that which is good for our growth and glorifies God?

A key that seems to evade even the most critical mind is the positive note of testing. By all means test it. But the writer (Paul) only bothers to encourage us to focus on that which is good. The rest? Ignore it. I think Paul knows what he is talking about.

Today we spend far more time critiquing and highlighting the inferior and focusing on the defective instead of seizing that which is noble!

Despise not prophesying!!! The more you scorn it the faster it vanishes from your life. And soon you just become critical – not discerning. Jaded – not inspirational.

All that we need to return to the prophetic church is ACCOUNTABILITY. The more we promote accountability, the more we negate the strategy of the enemy to bring us to cessationsim and denial of the absolute power of God!

God still speaks today dear Warriors. Prophets and prophecy shall abound. Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy. And the servants of the Lord shall open their mouths and proclaim and God will back it up by signs in the Heavens and wonders upon the Earth!

Thus saith the Lord of Hosts!