20x! Hosting the Future!

The last decade was what I called the awkward teenage years! It was a time to find your feet and make your mistakes. But now 2020 and a new decade has dawned and we are transitioning into adulthood and a season of maturity.

The Church is entering that season of accelerated maturity. God is changing the status of our stasis from dormancy and complacency into a state of victory and dominion! We are being mobilised by God to destroy, eradicate and reform the High Places!

A Remnant Company Prophetic Order is on the scene and we are no longer crying for Revival but instead contending for Habitation! And to do that we must remove the idols and systems of control from the High Places.

We have survived the massacres of the Pharaoh and Herod! We have survived the persecution of Jezebel! We have endured the sling and arrows of the Pharisees. We’ve borne on our backs the knife wounds of betrayal and the lashes of excommunication.

But now is the moment we have endured for. Now is the season we, like the heroes of old, have longed for and seen afar off: The Rise of a New Prophetic Order that will bring reformation and restoration of spiritual things and return the Key of David to the House of God!

The new prophetic order is dangerous! They do not carry the Ahab Millennial spirit of passivity. But they have a righteous spiritual aggression to them. They’ve got the eye of the tiger and are ready to punish the enemy. They are the united voices of Zion. The Spirit is a flame on our tongue now! And we are ready for a fight!

Oh! Too many people don’t like to hear this kind of talk. Too many Believers don’t really believe that Jesus said to occupy and take kingdoms and advance against the gates of hell until He returns. That, my dear friends and Warriors, takes some spiritual fight and fortitude. As a War Prophet, I can do little else but sound the call on the Holy Mountain of Zion and rally a Remnant to Pierce the darkness!

The true prophets of the Living God & the Remnant Prophetic Company have been hidden in a cave for a while and in the wilderness for a season, but we have survived and are emerging to advance the Purposes of God for this Hour – through His Eternal Church!

That Remnant has heard the sound of the voice of those crying out in the back of the desert “make straight the way of the Lord.” They are hearing it and responding to it with the heart of a Warrior and they will be the Forerunners carrying the double-portion in the next move of God! I believe that if you’ve read this far, if you read this at all, then you might just be in that company!

In November of 2019 God began to speak to me and prepare my spirit for the year 2020, but also for the new decade 20x. When a prophet looks at something, we see both the tele and the macro. We look at it telescopically and macroscopically.

It’s not about the details. It’s never about the ‘how‘ – that’s the Lord’s business. It is always about the bigger picture! You have get the ‘how‘ out of your spiritual expression and learn to look at things through the eyes of the Spirit.

With God, nothing is impossible! Get the ‘how’ outta here! Only believe!

So I don’t just see 2020, but I see the next decade 20x. And I see marvellous things ahead of us. This is, in part, through the glass dimly, what I have glimpsed by the Spirit of God:

This is the Scriptures that Jesus spoke to me one night – the verse that will be the hallmark and the measure of the true Prophets of the Lord in the decade 20x, which is now my rhema Word from the Spirit of God for the year ahead:

And Jesus answered them, “Have faith in God. For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says. Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and – you will have them.

Having 20/20 Vision

In layman’s understanding of optometry when we talk about measuring visual acuity (sharpness and clarity of vision) we measure it in terms of a scale using the Snellen chart. You know – the eye chart with the letters!

This is what the symbolism of 2020 AD represents. VISUAL ACUTIY: The sharpness and clarity of vision! Sharp, insightful, clear, spiritual perception above and beyond natural observation.

God is giving us spiritual eyes to see the next course of events but we need to perceive the moment in order to possess an inheritance!

Elevated Perspectives

Once upon a time the Children of Israel and the Leaders of Israel came to the plateau of Kadesh Barnea and from that elevation they looked out at their Promise – Canaan!

And essentially God said to them, “You are looking at the thing I promised you afar off. Go down and see it for yourself! Exchange your telescopic perspective for a macro experience!

To possess your inheritance you have to be obedient to the Heavenly vision that Jesus brings to you! God wanted to show them the very thing He wanted them to possess for an inheritance.

We are now in that moment (2020AD) of progressively perceiving with spiritual acuity the perfect heavenly vision. God is showing us the kingdom inheritance that is our portion. But like the Children of Israel, we have to perceive it to receive it! 

Progressive revelation is when we see beyond our present ocular fixation and take our eyes off of the natural and begin to look at the invisible! Because perception activates promise!

We don’t see the giants – yes they are there! We don’t see the fortifications – yes they are there too. Instead we perceive the inheritance and the promise of God set before us because with God on our side we are well able to conquer the mountain and take the land!

This is the year – 2020AD – that the anointing to SEE THE UNSEEN begins to develop and accelerate in our lives as we submit to God’s Will and God’s Ways!

Conquering Your Mountain Takes 20×20 Vision!

So what you need to understand when God is presenting you with your greatest challenge, is that you need to exchange the default mode of natural observation for spiritual visual acuity! When you do, your challenge becomes your opportunity!

spiritual perception changes your reality
spiritual perception augments your ability
spiritual perception protects your promise
spiritual perception pierces the veil of the illusion
spiritual perception gives you faith to say to the mountain move!

God desires that we carry His perspective and activate perceptions of tomorrow. The decade of declaration & prophetic proclamation of what we perceive has begun! This is the power of 20×20 vision because sight comes before proclamation!

The period from 5770-5779 in the Hebrew calendar was the decade of the ’70s which ties to our Gregorian calendar 2010 – 2019. The number 70 is represented by the Hebrew letter Ayin, which is symbolic of the all-seeing eye of God.

The Hebrew year 5780 which ties to our year 2020 began at Rosh HaShana September 30, 2019. We have now entered into the decade of the ’80s (5780 – 5789) represented by the Hebrew letter Pey which is symbolic of an Open Mouth.

God is releasing sight of your promise and sight of the next course of events in your life! The Spirit of God is positioning you to enter into the future with vision for tomorrow for you and your family. With just a drop of anointing of visual acuity you can glimpse a portion of your inheritance that God has reserved for you!

You have to say what you see to possess what He showed you!

A season of increase, acceleration and multiplication is upon us and available to each of us according to the measure of faith we draw from.

I have also spoken by the prophets, And have multiplied visions;
I have given symbols through the witness of the prophets.”

Hosea 12:10

God is really saying that in giving or sending prophets to the people, their “vision” is being multiplied; and the prophetic anointing in your life gives you that spiritual visual acuity! The more you see the more your soul prospers!

Vision is the ability to see, to dream and to perceive the future with imagination from a Divine Perspective

When God sends you a prophet, whether from a distance or personally, the one great benefit is that your “vision,” is not only sharpened, but it is multiplied; so you have the ability to see further and declare greater things!

But you have got to align yourself with what the Prophets are saying and what God shows you personally and speak it out in faith! Faith always needs a voice! Your voice!

Spiritual Arithmetic

During November 2019, God reminded me that when a great man or woman of God is subtracted from the earth, a greater portion of the anointing on that persons life is released throughout the earth. 

Before an Addition there is a Subtraction. It’s cyclical.  Something has to leave you, something has to leave the earth, something has to leave the Church, something has to get out for Heaven to get in!

I’m super excited to enter the season of restorational addition and miraculous multiplication after the times of subtraction and division. How about you?

You may have had personal subtraction! You may have lost someone or something.
Something may have left you or even been taken from you in times past, but now is the season of additional return! 

Even what the enemy has stolen from you and what the palmer worm and the canker worm destroyed – this is the season of the 153! It is the appointed kairos. The Moment of restoration with addition. The season of miraculous multiplication!

You can Host the Future! You can become the host of multiplied vision and the promise of tomorrow. Have faith in God

I have just released an in-depth video teaching expanding this blog entry. It’s about 90 minutes. But don’t you think that investing or sacrificing (-) just 90 minutes of your time in return for an Eternal blessing to be added (+) to you, that will position you to Host the Future, is the greatest return on investment you could possibly hope for as you enter 2020?

Please check it out on our YouTube channel: 20x! Host the Future. Share it with your friends, and fuse your faith with the prophetic Warrior Remnant as we enter the land to possess the promises of God and the kairos that is upon us!

From my family to yours, may you have a blessed entry into the New Year 2020 AD and the 20x decade! Happy New Year!

I see you in the Future!