Cutting Through The Hype

I’m alarmed. Discomforted. I squirm uneasily in my chair as the topic turns to “gold dust and feathers.” Excited, wide eyed and animated my companions engage in conversation and I know what’s coming next…

Me: Dear God! Are you listening to this?

God: Always. What do you think you’re going to say in response? They are going to ask you what you think.

Me: Well in my opinion…

God: Wouldn’t mine be better?

I’m sure you’ve been in similar awkward situations where you know your response wont be popular. Probably unacceptable to the group. Even down right heretical to some! I’m not going to offer my opinion on the “gold-dust and feathers” phenomena in this post, but I am going to journal on a much bigger issue!

The Age of the Great Deception

Let me first state very clearly that I love the Church. I don’t believe you can even love Jesus the Lord if you do not love what He loves. And Jesus loves the Church! The Church has a very clear mandate and function according to scripture.

To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God, according to the eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord:

Ephesians 3:10-11 (KJV)

Daily I grow more concerned even to the point of desperate intercession for a season of maturation and discipleship to sweep over the people of God. We are so enamoured with ourselves, our branding, our empires, reputations and agendas that we are fast moving in a direction that will soon lead to deception. I’ve already seen it.

As a prophet who travels to various churches and congregations globally, I fully understand that we are all at various levels of maturity within the body of Christ and that each corporate has a specific role and function. The eye cannot do what the arm can. But without the arm the eye cannot grasp what it sees. We all know the analogy that St. Paul so fittingly used. But maturity certainly is the key issue. The question is: Do we really want it?

Discipleship seems to be a dirty word in ecclesiastical circles these days. Or when it does get used, it tends to mean being indoctrinated in the belief system of a particular church. “Well this is what we believe around here brother! You just be a good sheep and follow along.” Yeah, well I’m sorry friend – but that doesn’t cut it! That is not the job description of a Seeker of Truth.

I suppose in many ways part of my function is scanning for a generation that are truly seeking after the Kingdom of God (and His righteousness) rather than the next emotional, hyped-up, goose-bumpy moment. They are out there. Somewhere. Paradoxically, they too are scanning to see if there are any voices that are out there, worthy of their attention and concentration.

Right now the charismatic church has a problem: A lack of depth in the logos. Everyone seems to be hearing voices and declaring that the Lord God of Heaven and Earth has spoken to them with some private revelation that cannot be endorsed by Scripture. Even more alarmingly these same people are turning around and professing to speak on behalf of God to those around them. Yet most have very little depth of understanding of the written Word!

We live in a time in a generation that craves instant gratification and continual excitement, fanned and fuelled by hype and glamorisation. We live from one “wow” moment to the next! We chase after prophetic words and very rarely know what to do with them once we receive them much less discern whether God has actually spoken. All the while, the great adversary of our souls dances a merry jig atop the spires of our modern sepulchres as the age of the great deception dawns.

You might say “Oh Greg! C’mon! Why so doom and gloom?” Well that’s the strange thing my friend. I’m not! I’m a prophet of hope! But I am also a Watchman. One who stands on the walls, discerning the threat from both without and sometimes from within! However just because the Spirit of the Lord causes me to cry out and sound an alarm pertaining to the enemy’s tactics and attack doesn’t mean that I am not privy to the far greater plan of God for His People and the Glory to come!

God Is Cleaning House

The Spirit of the Lord has laid very strongly upon my heart to pray for the leaders of this generation! There are many voices right now that are speaking falsely in to the ears of the sheep. The problem is that these voices are not foreign or the voice of a stranger but rather the voices of those we have permitted to enter into the sheep-fold in broad daylight! And because of the lack of depth of the logos and discernment in these end times, an entire generation is being led into a false sense of efficacy and spirituality.

The Gracious Father in all His Mercy and Judgement is going to expose this by the power of the Spirit of the Living God! Many of these ‘voices’ are going to be removed unless repentance and correction is forthcoming. And God is providing a window for that by His Divine prerogative.

We have this crazy notion that everything is always sunshine and roses in the Kingdom. We get taught by very prominent, persuasive voices that there is no more war, there is no battle and not even an enemy any longer. Everything is about feeling good (unicorns and rainbows), and convincing ourselves that we are cutting edge of spirituality when in truth its all just a lot of motivational hype!

It’s Going To Get Worse Before It Gets Better!

Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.

Hamlet, Act-I, Scene-IV

There are going to be a great many signs that make you wonder. With persuasive words and a flattering tongue shall the enemy woo even the very elect and lead them into the age of deception. But…

There Remains a Remnant

I have seen a Remnant Generation. There is a generation not just coming, but emerging right now. A generation not enamoured with themselves and not dulled of spirit who are on a quest. They are the Seekers of Truth. A Remnant who have not bowed their knee to the status quo, popular opinion and general consensus. A company of Believers who are defiant of the enemy’s deception in their pursuit of God!

This Remnant Generation is the hope of the Church.

May God grant me a role in leading that kind of generation! I will give my life to raise them.

Are you Remnant?